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COW: Zephedieu by GuthrieArtwork COW: Zephedieu :iconguthrieartwork:GuthrieArtwork 824 35 The Twelve Guardians of the Light by Chaos-Draco The Twelve Guardians of the Light :iconchaos-draco:Chaos-Draco 379 9 Smut by RiotEye Smut :iconrioteye:RiotEye 779 105
Thick with sweat
Your sensual scent
Minds clouded
The Blood it flows
Feel the throb
From your throat arise a sob
Caress your curves
Probe the zone
My tongue a snake
Your senses to awake
Erogenous Euphoria
Lustful Leasure
Painful Desecration
Penetrated Pleasure
Hard as stone
Skin white as bone
Pink and tender
Flushed now surrender
Add to the fluid
Add to the mix
The rarest of feathers
Plumage of Strix
Catch you Breath
As The night unfolds
Part your lips
Prepare your Hips
Our Lust is bold
No others behold
Tonight Explore
Our wonderlands untold...
:iconwaywardv:waywardV 139 30
Hero (America x Depressed!Reader) P3 [End]
     Warning: This fan fiction contains sensitive material, such as vivid suicide fantasies and attempts, bullying, and depression. If you think this has any chance of triggering you in ANY way, DO NOT READ. Thank you.
    It had been a week since Hero had started texting you. And honestly, you could say that your life was becoming much better because of him.
     He continually encouraged you to do your chores and homework, and when you were done, telling you that you did a good job, and praising you, even though he wasn’t physically there. He always asked how your day was, and how you were doing. Always knew when you were lying, and when you were, asked you the question again to see if you had changed your mind about telling him. But if you didn’t, then he wouldn’t push it; he would give you your
:iconcalexy:Calexy 279 140
England x Depressed!Reader - You Could Love Me
     You sighed for the… you couldn’t even think of a number high enough. Sniffling, you rolled over on your bed for the whoknowshowmany time, clutching a pillow to your chest. Your tired, red, (e/c) eyes stared bleakly at the wall in front of them, having run out of tears long before. Your thoughts wandered back to the reason why you were in this horrible seemingly never ending mess.
     It all started with your lovesick depression. Yes, you were lovesick. You never had someone to cuddle with, someone to talk with, and someone to hold hands with, nope. The only person that you wanted to do those things with didn’t think of you that way.
     And his name is Arthur Kirkland.
     You and Arthur have been best friends since freshman year, and now you were both juniors. Or soon to be, anyways; it was summer at the moment.
     Back to the reason why you are lying in bed
:iconcalexy:Calexy 764 272
Fix Me by DestinyBlue Fix Me :icondestinyblue:DestinyBlue 9,358 725 Underwater by Maruuki Underwater :iconmaruuki:Maruuki 1,389 82 Underwater Beauty by LDGA Underwater Beauty :iconldga:LDGA 290 60 Underwater Kiss by LauraHollingsworth Underwater Kiss :iconlaurahollingsworth:LauraHollingsworth 2,902 266 + Underwater + by Midna01 + Underwater + :iconmidna01:Midna01 2,727 184 Underwater by Fel-X Underwater :iconfel-x:Fel-X 2,144 210 Underwater by Kryseis-Art Underwater :iconkryseis-art:Kryseis-Art 1,037 98 Underwater by Hachiimi Underwater :iconhachiimi:Hachiimi 1,911 198 Irresistible by putawesomeusername Irresistible :iconputawesomeusername:putawesomeusername 147 42 Underwater by salivashake Underwater :iconsalivashake:salivashake 156 14



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    Falling in a pit of blackness. Fading out of perception. Putting on a mask that defies all of your morals. A mask that spreads its toxin to your heart. Black tendrils seeping in and contaminating all you hold dear…. Or do you have anything anymore to hold dear? Is it all gone? Were you already drowning in an abyss of tragedy? Put on the mask. Let the inky dark take over your bright light. No one is going to save you from yourself. Fool them all into thinking you're someone else. That way when you get hurt it doesn't hurt you. It doesn’t hurt at all. Not anymore. Nothing can get past the shell that encases your heart. What’s wrong? I’m fine you say? Fine? How can you be fine when you can’t feel anything anymore and you don’t even know who you are? You don’t even know where you belong. You break yourself on purpose. You cut deeper on purpose. You push everyone away because you’re afraid. But no one knows. The sun always seems to wash our fears away. The sun goes down you take off your mask. You see what you’ve become and wish that you could find who you once were. But you can never go back. You’ve already started on this path of self-destruction. You’re a ticking time bomb waiting for the final seconds. So don’t get involved emotionally, put on a front. Don’t let them see what you really are. No one will want you if they see the real you. The one under the mask. You break your heart on purpose and smile, a broken smile, while burning the pieces of your soul.

No one is going to save you from yourself…

    Choking on the fumes of loneliness. Drowning in a sea of empty smiles and gestures. Using rainbows and glitter to cover the holes in your soul. Days are meaningless and mundane. You scream but no one hears you. You thrash but cannot escape the binding that holds you. You slowly give up and sink into the ink black. No one cares. No one hears. No one sees your sorrow and grief. All they see is your mask. They can’t see what you’ve Done and they’ll never know what you’ve become. A shell of who you once were. A mistake. A failure. Will you ever be Enough? Will you ever have someone who will love you for who you are? Not who they think you are. How can you be so alone in a sea of people? Red drops on white tile. Scars criss-cross your heart and arms. Tears and faded memories pull at the strings of your life. Cut just a little more. Cry one more time. Maybe it will make you feel better. Cover your arms with scars and your heart with darkness. Sharp tendrils piercing the essence of your soul. No one’s going to save you. No one is going to help you. Why do you even try?

Then suddenly two worlds collide. The stars align and burst into brilliant sparks of blues reds and yellows. Someone who sees behind the mask. Someone who can cut away the thorns that chained you to the past. Someone. Someone who knows what it’s like to struggle through pitch black. Someone who cares. Intertwined by grief and pain. You ease each other’s sorrows and together shine a light that cuts away the darkness. Two people covered with their own scars and memories. Two souls forming one. One without chains. One soul that is….free.

"She loved me for the dangers I had passed,. And I loved her that she did pity them." - Othello ( Act 1, Scene 3, Page 7)


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